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Test our beta versionThank you all for following the Heroes & Guises project. We are very pleased to have arrived at this significant milestone – being able to release a usable version of our product. We’d love as many people as possible to take part and give us some feedback. Your input will be very useful as we seek further funding to move towards the next stage. If you intend to take part please read the text below. Please note, this version is available on Android only.

What can you do in this version?

This first version has been developed to test the general concept of creating stories with alternate routes. In this version you can sign up, create stories (including using our story starters feature), explore all stories or filter by genre, and contribute to stories created by others. An overview of how to use the app as follows:

  • Getting started. The app opens on the dashboard. From here you can explore all stories, explore by genre or view stories that you have initiated.
  • Create a story. Clicking on ‘Start new publication’ lets you set up a title and introduction, you may like to use our story starter tool to write your introduction. You can then select genres and other settings and choose whether to make it a private or public story. Once all of this is set your story is created and you are taken to a front cover.
  • Contributing to stories. Each chapter can have 10 variations. You can swipe to the right to view them or all the way to the right to add a new variation. If you find a variation you like and want to continue that route you can click on the button at the bottom of the screen to go down to the next chapter. You can contribute once to each chapter of each route, giving you lots of opportunities to write. Stories have 6 chapters, after which you reach ‘The End’.
  • Dilemma. After 3 chapters you are faced with a dilemma chapter. Only 3 of these are available rather than 10. Use this to introduce a plot change.

Where features do not work you will see a ‘feature coming soon’ alert. There are many features we would have liked to have built in this version, but there was not the time, and we really needed the feedback on the core functionality.

How can you download the app?

You can find download instructions on the home page of our site in the Download section. In order to become a beta tester you need to join out Google group (don’t just click the link, you have to click the ‘Join this group’ button), then use the link to become a tester. You can then download in the Google Play store. We may make updates so check regularly and keep your app updated as we add features and fix bugs.

Feeding back

You can give us your feedback directly by simply emailing with your thoughts and opinions. We would like to know what you think of the concept, the design and hear your suggestions.

Known bugs

There are several issues that we know about with this version including the following:

  • Sometimes when submitting a chapter the app alerts you to ‘Please write something’. If this happens you can copy what you have written, leave the page, then go back in and paste the text in.
  • The layout on the story starters page does not display properly. This only happens the first time you go on this page.
  • Sliding motion doesn’t work. This might be on the main story interface or the genre slider on the dashboard. This occasionally happens and solves itself. Shut the app down and then reopen.

We hope you have fun and get inspired with Heroes & Guises!

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