Heroes and Guises at ‘Living Healthy with Diabetes’ Conference and Exhibition

Harry showing designsMany thanks to Gursh Athwall at Diabetes UK for the invitation to attend their one day event to promote a healthy lifestyle for people living with diabetes in the Wolverhampton area.

I attended the event with Russell and Harry at Wolverhampton Racecourse to introduce Heroes & Guises. Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to find out more about diabetes and talk to people living with diabetes, and their carers. We enjoyed networking with other organisations at the event, some who offered to display our promotional material at their groups, and others who signposted us to local organisations that may be interested in our project.Sue getting feedbackRussell and I received lots of useful feedback on the features of the app and we all chatted to people who took time to complete our survey. Our designer Harry received valuable feedback on design mockups, which have helped to guide key aspects of the user experience.

We discussed the positive health benefits of creative writing and we found that people who were interested in creative writing were open to writing using an app. Some people offered to pass our promotional material to young people in their families who use smartphone apps and who are also interested in creative writing.Demonstrating designsMany thanks to Diabetes UK for inviting us to the event, and to everyone who gave up their time to talk to us and give us some feedback on the project. The staff at Wolverhampton Racecourse provided us with lots of cups of tea throughout the day, and a very enjoyable hot lunch! Thanks too to the organisations who offered to display our promotional material at local support groups and venues. All the support and feedback is very much appreciated!

If you’d like to contribute to the development and design of the app, please complete our online survey now!

By Sue Brettell, Business Development Manager

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