The motivation behind the project

Chapter 1It is with great pleasure that we are here, being given a chance to create something that has the potential to help people. Thanks to Creative England, Creative Skills for Life and the University of Wolverhampton, Horbury & Goffe have been able to pull together a talented team to build and test our idea. We are a team that is passionate about creativity and we are an organisation that is passionate about creating innovative solutions that help people to help themselves.

Heroes & Guises might seem like a game on the surface. You can interact with your friends and make new friends. You might gain some points and get to the next level, but along the way you are being creative. You are having to think of ideas and bounce off other people on the fly and in the moment. These skills are important for people that want to help themselves, to solve their own problems in their lives. If we can help people to learn these skills in a fun way, and in a way that helps them to express themselves at the same time, then we feel we are doing some good.

We want to make something new to the world that is engaging and can inspire people. We want your help to do this. You can give us feedback on our idea in our survey. You can install our prototype app when it is ready and tell us what you think about it. We are building this tool to help young people with life-threatening illnesses. I wish we couldn’t say there was a market for this, but it seems that this represents a huge number of young people. If you are in this group we want your input above all. We also want input from writers, non-writers, techies, designers, young people, older people, carers, parents and anyone with an opinion. If what we are doing can look better or be better or be more helpful then we need to know.

Please keep reading this blog and share it with your friends. In the coming weeks of our short prototyping period we will introduce you to our team and what they are doing. We will also give you previews of the app and how it will look and work. We will also be testing and giving away a paper version of our game.

By Russell Goffe-Wood, Project Director.

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