Play Heroes & Guises… on paper

Paper GameIn the midst of the designing, developing and talking to the world about our game we thought it might be a good idea to actually play it. However, in the digital game stories can go off in so many different directions that without some serious origami skills it would be impossible to play it fully on paper. We have however created a simplified version that can be played in groups. It gets across some core features of the game – for instance everyone starts with the same story introduction, but as the papers get passed around they go off in different directions. The group also get to vote on plot changes and vote for the best chapter.

We have begun to play this amongst our team, and Sue, our Business Development Manager, is offering to facilitate sessions using this game for organisations and groups. If you work with young people in a health setting and are interested in Sue coming to your organisation to run a session then email her on for more details.

If you would like to download the game and give it a go in your group you can use the links below. There are 3 versions available, as well as a rule sheet. Be sure to get in touch to tell us how you like it!


> Rules of the game
Fairly standard instructions of how to play.

> Story 1
A story involving a beach scenario.

> Story 2
A story involving a mystery character.

> Story 3
A version involving a plane accident.

By Russell Goffe-Wood, Project Director.

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