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Create and join collaborative stories to see where they go

Heroes & Guises is a smartphone and tablet app that is being designed to help young people with life-threatening illnesses to explore their creativity through creative writing. It is for non-writers and writers alike and users can create short stories with friends, relatives and people with similar interests and in similar situations. Stories aren’t linear, they are an ocean of potential plot changes and storylines. Users read their way through these stories, contribute as they wish and earn points along the way, whilst making friends and seeing their ideas go places they never expected.

App Designs

Quick and easy to use for non-writers. If you can write a text you can play.

Contributing to stories is as easy as sending a text message or posting to Facebook. There are also creative prompts to give you new ideas.

Play anywhere.

H&G is available on all your devices so you can play whenever inspiration strikes you or whenever you receive a challenge, wherever you are.

Social and Friendly.

Play with your friends or make new friends to write with. Then publish your stories to social networks.

No Writer’s Block.

Contributions are quick and short and you bounce off other people’s ideas so you never get stuck for what to write.

Become better at writing.

You can improve your writing skills so that you contribute more and more to published stories, learning idea development and writing skills on the way.

You choose how the story unfolds.

Vote for the direction you want the story to take. The most popular route is chosen and players get points for successful contributions.

App Designs

Get an organisational license of our social story writing software

We are keen to speak to organisations that may like to have a licensed copy of our social story writing software for use within their organisations. This may be suitable for hospitals, charities, schools and other organisations where privacy and care of those using the app is important. Using Heroes & Guises in this way could be very productive as your users collaborate with each other, writing about their common experiences. If you would like to explore the possibility of customising our software for your organisation please get in touch using the contact details below.

Addressing risk

Issues such as privacy, safety and risk are important to us here at Heroes & Guises. We are implementing some features in the app, such as content flagging, closed groups and anonymity, that can help to protect users. We would also like your help to ensure we are doing all that we can. If you work with or care for young people with illnesses you can communicate your views to us by completing our survey or by contacting us using the contact details below.

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Download and test the prototype version of our app for Android

Create, explore and contribute to stories with the Heroes & Guises beta version app for Android. You may like to read this blog post with some details of this version. To get involved please follow the 4 easy steps below:


To be eligible to test our app you will need to join the Heroes & Guises Google Group by following the link below.

Join the Google Group

Once you are added to the group, you will need to become a tester by following the instructions from the link below.

Become a Tester

You can now download the Beta Version of Heroes & Guises for Android in the Google Play store from the link below.

Download Beta Version

Thank you for downloading our app. Please email us any feedback you may have about the app from the link below.

Email us your feedback
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Receive email notifications and updates on the project, including download links when the app becomes available.

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Contact us to get involved

We are looking for organisations and individuals to get involved in the development and testing phase of the app. You will be able to contribute your ideas, give feedback on designs and be part of the pilot testing group for the app when it is ready.

If you or your organisation is interested in our project, and you feel that you or the young people and their families in your care may benefit from using the creative writing app, please get in touch with us using the contact details below.

Horbury & Goffe Wolerhampton University

This project is a partnership between Horbury & Goffe and the University of Wolverhampton. Academic staff from the University are providing an advisory board to the project ensuring that it achieves the aims of providing an authentic creative writing, as well as a therapeutic experience. Academic advisors for this project are: Jackie Pieterick, Candi Miller and Dr Lydia Lewis.